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Shari'ah compliant and ethical finance are one of the fastest growing finance markets in the world, with some size estimates already up to US$1.4 trillion and growth at 10 to 15% annually.

The Abacus Emerging Markets team has significant experience in structuring, advising and executing such transactions across various product classes including capital markets, asset management and structured products. Our team has a track record in this fast growing market that includes advising on award winning deals and structuring deals which were first of their kind. Our strong relationships with institutions that are recognised as key players in the Islamic finance market provide us with a platform to leverage relationships and provide investment opportunities to new market entrants. We also enjoy excellent relationships with several world leading Islamic finance scholars, including Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, a leading independent international Shari'ah scholar.

Australian Ethical Finance Opportunities

Our focus on Australia as an ideal market for Islamic and ethical investments is built on three main platforms:

  1. Great potential across attractive asset classes which fit comfortably within Islamic investment guidelines
  2. Proximity to the established international Islamic finance hub of Kuala Lumpur and also to Jakarta provides convenient access to opportunities from those locations
  3. Abundance of "hard assets" opportunities that are attractive to ethical investors and those seeking Shari'ah compliant investments.
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